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60/2, sk tower, Gazipura,Tongi,Gazipur
About Us

Family Group adds yet another feather in its ornate cap -Family Medical commissioned on 2021. A new in the field of care is dawned, a new chapter opened. Family Medical & Diagnostic Center is dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases have been built on a storied building at,Tongi Gazipura-27 a commercial Gazipur City, covering a floor space of more than 6000 sq. feet.Equipped with most modern and state-of-the-art equipment and machineries, the Family Medical & Diagnostic center makes a solemn commitment to the patients of the country a commitment to maintain mastery and marvel in acre, to be compassionate and respectful to patients’ beliefs and values and to make sound decision in the interest of the patients.A band of highly skilled,dedicated and experienced surgeons,anaesthesiologists, perfusionists, and technicians garnered from both home and abroad work synergistically and collaboratively under close supervision of renowned specialists of international repute not only provide 24-hour services to the patients but also remain standby to deal with any emergency conditions.Family Medical and Diagnostic with a difference, strives to ensure that patients receive care in the most appropriate setting in an environment of privacy, kindness and understanding based on spirit of Care First resulting in optimum clinical outcome, greater patient convenience and lower treatment costs.Our approach is comprehensive,physician-led and cost effective.All our resources are dedicated to keeping the heart healthy and treating it when it is not.Total Team The fundamental strength of Family Medical & Diagnostic Center is its two teams-one of Medical and other Strong Management. The teams are composed of highly skilled, experienced and eminent,Cardiologist,Surgeons and Dermatologist,Medicine,gynaecologist,Dentist and Optics. Besides, a band of qualified and experienced employee, technicians and other support personnel garnered from home and abroad are providing constant care to the patients.There exists an unprecedented amount of amity,understanding and cooperation among the members of the teams which are for successful treatment out come of ailments.Patient Well Being – A Priority Concern Patients’ well being and recovery hinge around good nursing care and comfort to be derived from friendly and cheerful services and appropriate surrounding.Family Medical & Diagnostic Center assures its patients unsurpassed level of comfort, nursing care and convenience in an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and understanding.Its customer care service department works full time to ensure that patients return home with positive experience. Commitment to Highest Standard The highest standard of Nationally and internationally accepted operational procedures, infection control protocols and safety guidelines are practices in Family Medical. The Medical & Diagnostics enforces zero tolerance in compromising on such vital issues. Future Plan Family Nursing Institute/College aims to attain the following: To turn Family Hospital/Nursing,Institute into a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in terms of training, research and development in cardiovascular diseases,Sonography. To introduce newer treads in care through continued and sustained efforts utilizing cutting edge technology and expertise To attain leadership status in pediatric surgery Conclusion Despite remarkable growth and development that have taken place in health care delivery system in private sector, a staggering number of patients still stream to foreign lands for better treatment 55% of whom are patients. A rough estimate has it that more than US$ 200 million is siphoned off every year from state coffer to foot the bill of medical treatment abroad. Rapid urbanization, ever changing life style coupled with physical inactivity and unhealthy food habit amongst urban population have contributed to increased incidence of heart ailments in this category of people. Family Medical & Diagnostic Center, a super specialty Diagnostic of international standard manned by renowned Gynecologist ,Medicine, Dermatologist and other support staff shall play an all important role in providing optimum care and treatment to all patients of the country.